It is not intended to substitute for departmental advising! While it is typical for a student to choose a thesis topic in their major field, it is not essential. What do I need to turn in with my thesis, project, or dissertation? Doctoral graduates are the only students who receive their actual diploma at the ceremony; undergraduates and master’s graduates receive a commemorative diploma tube and their official diploma is mailed at a later date. Talk to your advisor as soon as possible. I want to graduate in August, but there is no commencement ceremony. What happens if I don’t make the changes before graduation?

Prepare three original copies of the dissertation approval form for signature by your committee approval form. I need to put together my committee so I can proceed with my thesis or dissertation proposal. Thesis Celebration second choice date and time: If completing a thesis, it must be successfully defended and submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline for graduation submission deadlines. If you would like to take advantage of a Thesis Celebration time, please indicate your first, second, and third choices for date and time. Please do not send to the Graduate College. At least one other person from your home department must serve on your committee.

Semester and calendar year accepted to the honors college: Skip to main content. Notification must be submitted thwsis the Graduate College at least two weeks prior to defense smu defense scheduling form. For example, thfsis traditional research paper, a public performance, a work of art, a design project, a business plan or educational curriculum may be completed for the honors thesis.

Doctoral candidates must submit three original committee-signed approval forms, one photocopy of the approval form, two additional title pages and abstracts, a completed and signed UMI agreement form, a ScholarWorks formthe microfilming fee payable to WMU, and one photocopy of the agreement form. After the manuscript is reviewed, you must return any required changes to the Graduate College no later than two weeks after notification, possibly earlier for doctoral students.


Apply for graduation by the stated deadline. While it is typical for a student to choose a thesis topic in their major field, it is not essential. After you complete the student section, your advisor will fill out the next section and submit the form to the Graduate College for review.

First and last name of committee member: See your departmental advisor to confirm that you have met all the following requirements and to determine what additional departmental requirements may exist. If dfadlines a master’s thesis, file a Thesis Committee Appointment form thewis the Coordinator of Theses and Dissertations no later than one week after the committee smu formed.

Pass all qualifying and comprehensive exams. The information is intended as a guide to completing your degree requirements. If the manuscript does not receive final approval by the deadline, you will need to change your graduation date with graduation auditing and submit a new title page with the new date of graduation.

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Defense must take place at least one week before dissertation submission deadline submission deadlines. You could also win an award for your presentation! Once you’ve carefully read through the thesis handbook, bookmark this handy thesis checklist to help keep you thezis track during the thesis process!

It is not intended to substitute for departmental advising!

Dissertations and Theses

I want to graduate in August, but thesie is no commencement ceremony. It is not intended to substitute for departmental advising! What is “continuous enrollment” and what are the requirements? Your committee members should be chosen in conjunction with your committee chair. Special exceptions to the continuous enrollment policy may be granted by appealing to the Graduate College dean.


If not finishing the degree within the 6-year time limit, an extension of time must be sought from the Graduate College extension form. Join us April 16, 17, 18, and 19, to present and defend your thesis, and stick around to attend other presentations! Please be sure to list both the date and the start time when listing your three choices.

wmu thesis deadlines

If graduation requirements are not completed by the deadlines, you must change your graduation date by contacting the Office of Graduation Auditing at Read all about it on the Haworth College of Business website. Please follow the Guidelines for the Preparation of Wmy and Theses. If you have any questions at all about submitting this form, please contact Jennifer Townsend. Does the Graduate College offer other workshops and seminars for students?

Information about the process of applying for graduation may be theais on the Registrar’s website.

wmu thesis deadlines

Thesis Celebration first choice date and time: Students should plan to remain accessible to make any necessary changes until final approval is received. You may still request space in the honors college after this deadline, but your presentation will not be judged and you thesos not be eligible to win for best thesis presentation.