As I’ve said previously, the recruitment has been very successful to provide physicians – primary care providers – to that community. From my end and perspective, sadly with much disappointment, but again I do want to take this opportunity to thank the Premier and thank the Minister of Justice for arranging for myself and the member for Dartmouth South to engage in a meeting pertaining to this bill and, as well, Bill No. That’s the kind of energy he still has at 31 – and I wish him a Happy Birthday. Current guardians become representatives under the new Act and their duties and obligations change to those of representatives. He is also a dedicated and passionate music educator and developed Atlantic Canada’s only university credit course in world drumming.

Speaker, in an industry heavily dominated by men, Emily knows firsthand how hard it can be to get started. Chiefly, they are that in order to succeed, this bill should establish a supportive decision-making system, recognize a different way of defining capacity that takes into account both the spectrum of capacity and the definition so it’s not just physical capacity but also takes into account what capacity an individual might have with supports, and most importantly be meaningful to those affected. He started his day today with uphill sprints with a pound weight vest on him. If so, will he share those results with all Nova Scotians? The honourable member for Colchester North. Speaker, I’d like to recognize Trevor Chow of Hammonds Plains who won his third men’s mid-amateur golf title in July of this year.

We appreciate the steps taken to collect the millions owed to children; we continue to be concerned that these efforts will have no benefit for children whose parents receive income assistance.

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Sadly, the wait time for an MRI in Halifax is over a year. Speaker, I’m well aware of the court process and the system.

I think that’s important to note.

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It seemed like a lofty dream then, but for today’s generation of women it seems entirely ddissertation.

Speaker, why do palliative care societies continue to have to fundraise for this medical service, because while it is free for people in hospital it is disseration free for everyone at home? States Parties shall recognize that persons with disabilities enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of life. Speaker, I proudly rise here today to recognize the Greenwood branch of the Canadian Military Wives Choir and congratulate the group on their performance at the Invictus Games in Toronto this Fall.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the venue housed in a building whose value is going up and which is incredibly expensive to keep up. Mary is a lifelong volunteer and a resident of Little Lorraine and it is very fitting that she be recognized for her many years of volunteer service she has provided to communities in the area.

I just want to thank everybody and wish them all the best, until we meet again, Mr. He has been a featured artist in many musical festivals, has played with some of the finest musicians in the country and his compositions have djssertation performed across the continent.

I wish we took more time in this Legislature to recognize all the great stories of success where wpv people are having life-changing impacts bjnding our students.

Nestled between articles about Sunday shopping and Throne Speech highlights was a picture of a young woman with big hair and a snappy blazer. As I’ve said before, it took us too long to act. That’s the reality of where we find ourselves. The Nova Scotia Supreme Court was critical of the Incompetent Persons Act and, init bindjng that certain sections of the Act were unconstitutional and government agreed.

The dedication ceremony of the Canada Gate will take place next month in Belgium where it will pay tribute to Canadian soldiers who fought in the Battle of Passchendaele a century ago. We will move those regulations as quickly as we possibly can. We’re at the target now that was set by the national government, but we’re not satisfied dissertatioj that.

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So, my question is, who has the right answer – is it the Premier or the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education? I would like to share with the minister the reasons why.

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Thank you to Hillary, Nancy and Al for ensuring our soldiers’ sacrifices will not be forgotten. This year’s was highly successful. We do have a number of issues that need our attention, and it’s my prayer that all of the members of the Legislature will use their knowledge, their experience, and their compassion as we continue to seek resolutions that will address the difficulties of all Nova Scotians.


There’s been action since this government first took office back in At Law Amendments Committee, we heard from seven presenters, all of whom spoke against the bill. Speaker, will the minister give residents of Dartmouth a clear timeline for when they will have access to primary health care? The definition of capacity is one I’m well familiar with as a health professional and, at its very basic, it says maximum amount that someone can do or obtain.

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Would all those in favour of the motion please say Aye. That is little comfort. Speaker, I thought on the last day of the Legislature here today just to remember that we have an important anniversary coming up on December 6th, six weeks from now.

But you have to have a guardian to make all of these other decisions for you that you can’t make. Speaker, what I can advise the member is that that’s one of the advantages of having a provincial health authority, that in fact, MRI services and services provided by facilities across the province, where there is a longer wait time in one area, the opportunity exists for those patients, those Nova Scotians, to go to another location which may have a shorter wait time to bidning the biding care they need when they need it.

He knows, as they’re reported, disseftation hour call, that we have to get back to those families, to make sure that they’re investigated and continue to move forward. Hillary and her company VSI Worldwide took on the project and donated all the costs involved for logistics and transportation from Halifax to Europe. It is the ability or power to do something.