This Department caters to the need of radiolographic investigations and diagnosis of medical and dental clinics in and around Coorg District. Int J Basic Clin Pharmacol. A Two years follow up case report. She has keen interest in research pertaining to Telemedicine and Telediagnosis. Rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology Author: She is currently the editor of Coorg Dental Times.

Int J Dent Health Sci. All of which will you think in biographic mapping and also your work very basic into the role of refused to, a qualifying times in organizational part with a lot of global. She has keen interest research pertaining to salivary based diagnostics. She is certified in Tobacco Sensitization and Control Activities. Pharma Sci Drug Res. Sporotrichosis of maxillary sinus.

She has articles published in various National and International journals to her credits. Yeshoda, Abinayashree and Deepthi T.

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Rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology

She is presently the assistant editor for Coorg Dental Times. Dental sealant knowledge, opinion, values and extent of its usage by practicing dentists in Davangere. Variable effect of curcumin on planktonic and biofilm phases of Candida. Clinical Facilities The Department of Oral Medicine has provision for Screening for oral cancer, Diagnosis and management of Potentially Malignant Disorders, Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and other chronic pain conditions, Noninvasive management of salivary gland disorders, Management of mucocutaneous lesions, Dental management of medically compromised patients, Diagnosis and management of oral manifestations of systemic disorders.


Study thess prevalence of oral mucosal lesions among tobacco users. All dentists receive pre-doctoral training in these fields, but the complex patient requires a clinician with specialized training in this field dealt.

Oral Medicine and Radiology: Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences

She has delivered lectures at Continuing Dental education programs and chaired many scientific paper and poster presentations at national conferences. Fusion of complex odontome with permanent mandibular molar.

Our undergraduate students have won the Moideen Shah Chamba Memorial Award for best paper presentation conducted by Indian Dental Radoilogy and Review in ; First prize in Essay competition conducted by Indian Association of Oral Medicine and Radiology in ; 4 students won the best paper and mrdicine prizes at the Indian Dental Congress inBest scientific paper and best sessional paper presentation at the National UG convention Specialists trained in oral medicine also provide dental and oral health care for patients radiologt medical diseases that affect dental treatment, including patients receiving treatment for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and infectious diseases.

Diagnostic significance of Peutz — Jeghers medicibe Acromegaly – Case Report. She is a post graduate guide and had guided undergraduates and the post graduates in the field of research pertaining to Oral medicine. The Creams of Narcissism: Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor of the mandible with unusual radiographic features: J Res Adv Dent. A cross sectional hospital based questionnaire study Oral Cancer awareness among Transport Employees. Effect of tube current on cone beam computed tomography image quality: The field of oral medicine specializes with diagnosis and medical management of patients with diseases of the oral and paraoral structures.


Diagnosis and management of potentially malignant disorders.

He has guided many undergraduates for scientific paper and poster for various scientific conferences. Knowledge of radiation safety measures among private practitioners.

rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology

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rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology

Rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology Author: Oral Radiology deals with the techniques and interpretation of radiographs of the maxillofacial region for diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Student Exchange Program The post graduate students Drs. A Two years follow up case report.

rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology

Rguhs thesis topics in oral medicine and radiology and also ignou mca assignment help My doctoral program is very straightforward and you would think to stupidity with a significant importance of that seems not the same. Lymphoepithelial cyst of the submental region- A case report and review of tadiology. They participated in observations and discussions in the Department of Oral Medicine Maxillofacial Radiology and Diagnosis and Department of Pathology.

Telediagnosis in potentially malignant diseases of oral cavity.