Newer Post Older Post Home. Magdapio, with a sorrowing heart, buried him on the slope of the mountain overlooking the river delta. The boat ride has been an attraction since the Spanish Colonial Era with the oldest written account in The waterfalls of Laguna Part 3: The soil became dry as tinder. Buntot Palos Hidden Falls Part 4:

The trek to the falls takes an hour or two depending on your speed. Sharing it to the world! It was like a natural massage with a bit of pressure as the water is so heavy gushing down our head and neck. Sotto Aug 1, , 4: Day and night, they prayed for rain, but the gods did not heed their prayers.

We passed by the town of Calamba, Bay, Victoria, Pila, Pagsanjan where we are hounded by boatmen offering their service, and finally Cavinti.

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As oftourists have to wear helmets because monkeys are said to pelt humans with rocks and branches! The magnificent Pagsanjan falls. Balubad and Magdapio suffered immensely. Jon Diesta yeas you are right For many years, the two brothers enjoyed a rustic life of peace and happiness.

pagsanjan falls thesis

Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most pagssnjan waterfalls in the Philippines. We arrived at Pueblo El Salvador around 9: Be in your pagsajan clothes and footwear. The town of Pagsanjan lies at the confluence of two rivers, the Balanac River and the Bumbungan River also known as the Pagsanjan River. A Place of the First Mass in the Philippines. One of the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines is Pagsanjan Falls.


Decades before the whitewater rafting of Cagayan fzlls Oro and Chico river were developed, boatmen skillfully maneuvered their bancas through the rapids of Bumbungan River. Wedding Veil Falls, Kalukuy Falls, and other nameless waterfalls. All set for an extraordinary adventure.

pagsanjan falls thesis

After 30 minutes of trekking down the quite muddy path we reached the statue of El Salvador del Mundo, a mark that the next pace will be steel steps down and two times rappelling. Followed by steel steps. The birds, deer, wild hogs, monkeys, and other animals disappeared. Bring only the important things needed on your trek like towel, water and your camera on a resealable plastic bag to protect it from pasanjan wet or better yet bring a waterproof camera.

The ride upstream ends in a natural pool below the falls where an optional raft ride takes visitors through a curtain of cascading water to the Devil’s Cave behind the falls.

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Amazed at the miracle, Magdapio fell on his knees and thanked the gods. Tour to Pagsanjan falls is not complete without experiencing the raft ride.


Anyone knows who we can contact to try water rafting and experience pagsanjan falls? On the eastern bank of the Bumbungan River lived two old brothers named Balubad and Magdapio.

The main falls is located within the boundaries of Cavinti, Laguna, but access by boat originates from the town of Pagsanjan.

View from the elevated ladder. A sidetrip is Talahib Falls may be done before proceeding to the Main Falls. Not a single drop of life-giving pahsanjan fell from heaven.

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From there, you could arrange your trip in the resorts and inns. How to get there. From here you will be equipped with safety harness. Sure you will perspire throughout the whole trek, so bring towel for your sweat and your back.

Newer Post Older Post Home. For tour packages to Pagsanjan falls either via shooting the rapids and vertical trek check out this site: Long, long ago, recounts one legend, there were no falls.