So I do see they have changed quite a bit. Best Cup of Coffee: All of the families attending Turning Blue had to arrive early to be briefed by the Commanding Officer and the Head Sergeants of the company. Contact Us – ArmyReal. Congrats and thank you to you and your boyfriend for his service and your sacrifice!

Of course, my son knows no details, so I am relying on all of you for help. Some have a hour pass before they leave for their AIT training. Find all posts by cwatson I am one of the lucky ones you spoke of and his family weekend is actually over veterans day weekend! They will have a lot to tell you, and this is the perfect opportunity to stop and listen and get to know the US Army soldier they have become.

I wrote a post all about Family Day here. The class also had 25 combat veterans 24 male, one female.

Army Graduation Ceremonies

It was a fun post to write and the memories just kind of flowed. I am a Soldier. But if the graduation is indoors in the middle of winter, no one expects you to wear a dress.

I understand right outside the base is not a good apeech to stay.

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Thank you for visiting. The same goes for texting—the Drill Sergeants will not stand over the soldiers and read all their texts. Portrait of a high school graduate giving a speech at her graduation Speaker at business presentation, University seminar conference team collaboration concept, Concept education – back to school on green background Speech at Johns Hopkins University graduation in Baltimore Fareed Zakaria A senior class speaker at graduation exercises Writing note showing Professional Conference Organiser.


Thank you so much for the info!!

Amy January 12,4: If the event is indoors, the soldiers will most likely cross the stage one by one instead of in formation and there will be a video about their achievements. Full length portrait of a graduate student holding her diploma and announcing Graduation ceremony, high school valedictorian delivers commencement address young pretty girl student wearing graduation clothing standing on white background thinking future with loudly megaphone.

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You can photograph and record the entire event. Sell images Our Blog.

You may also be interested in: Yes, some days are much busier than others. Rameela March 16, Stacey Abler June 19, These soldiers have their airborne wings pinned on first.

Nothing feels worse than missing that call! He training at Fort Benning Georgia. It is the Army after all. Cadet Alix Idrache sheds tears of joy during the commencement for the U. osug

osut graduation speech

Some have a hour pass before they leave for their AIT training. There are also plenty of little eateries, coffeeshops, and shops.

osut graduation speech

So, if you have any idea would you please share it with me? First off— when you drop your future soldier off with the recruiter, leave his phone with him.


Of course, I can only give you insight into the graduations I have attended.

For me, it meant I was able to see my husband for the first time in months. Leave it to me and Mr. However if August 6 is his report date to the recruiters, there will be a few days added in for travel and in-processing.

Just noticed grdauation were asking about airborne in another question. Page 1 of New York police department NYPD graduation ceremony at Madison Ost Garden Microphone and stand in front of graduation ceremony audience against a background of auditorium and empty space for text Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke gave the commencement address at Bard College with Leon Botstein President of Bard attractive young girl student finished college studying standing on white background and using loudspeaker face to camera announcement graduation news Grads march to get diplomas at high school graduation, California P31 Preschool graduation speaker at podium with person signing speevh language for the hearing From left-right, Maj.

We were finally released and made the trek across the street to the paved field where the company was to Gradutaion Blue.

osut graduation speech