B Ask Kat to describe her method of Fosamax administration. Precious are you talking about Ms. C Have you experienced any infections recently? This client requires the expertise of the RN for assessment and transfusion management. B “How do you envision your lifestyle in the years ahead?

However, osteoporosis is not primarily inherited, and can be affected by activity. D The nurse reviews Kat’s medical history for other risk factors. However, another action is of greater priority. B “As long as your vitamin supplement also contains Vitamin D, you will be receiving adequate supplementation. Kat states, “I guess I am not having any symptoms because I don’t have osteoporosis yet. CORRECT Diminished sensation and movement of the feet, along with diminished pedal pulses, pallor, and pain indicate impaired peripheral neurovascular function.

I do not need them after all C Sleep pattern disturbance.

Vitamin D supplementation may also be recommended by the healthcare provider. Kat states, “It is so comforting to be able to stay with my daughter while I recover. The next available appointment is in 3 weeks.

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Her SaO2 is decreasing. While obtaining her vital signs, the nurse notes that Kat is pale and has petechiae on her anterior chest and neck. D Ask the client if she has discussed this symptom with her healthcare provider.


X-ray reveals a pelvic fracture, and Kat is transferred to the osteoporosiis unit for fracture management.

I’m not much of a morning person. B Meet privately with stud nurse at once to discuss the conversation that was overheard. Read times 20 Replies.

osteoporosis hesi case study quizlet

With our help, your homework will never be the same! D Has occasionally taken ibuprofen Motrin for lower back pain for the last 2 years.

osteoporosis hesi case study quizlet

B Therapeutic Communication Kat decides to attempt the self-injections at home, beginning the following day. However, osteoporosis is not primarily inherited, and can be affected by activity. C “You may prefer to take the medication with a specific meal once a week. D Encourage the nurse to continue the placebo use, alternating with the Morphine.

Get homework help and answers to your toughest questions in biology, chemistry, physics, math, calculus, engineering, accounting, English, writing help, business, humanities, and more. A “Your daughter is nearby in case you need help in the future.

D Further conversation reveals that Kat is also worried about experiencing another fracture. Kat states, “Is that really necessary? What action should the charge nurse take? A Six weeks after starting the medication, Kat leaves a message for the nurse that she is experiencing increasingly frequent and severe heartburn. A Encourage the nurse to visit with the client’s daughter to share these concerns. B “Why would your daughter find you to be a burden?


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A Assign an LPN to take the client’s vital signs every 2 hours. What action should the nurse implement first upon learning of this problem? A “What other responsibilities does your daughter have?

C Have you experienced any infections recently?

C Prednisone Deltasonea corticosteroid, taken during the acute exacerbation and for several months following. Introduction to Heart Attacks For a complete list of videos, visit our video library. CORRECT The client should be instructed to report bone pain and unexplained leg cramps, which may be indications of altered serum calcium levels.

D The nurse observes Kat as she demonstrates the quizket for subcutaneous self-injection.

osteoporosis hesi case study quizlet

C Observe her feet and toes.