Both physico-chemical and microbiological analysis have control variable which is the surface water only. Methods of analysis used were titration for acidity, alkalinity and total hardness; turbidity for total dissolved solids TDS ; and tester for turbidity. The Moringa treatment gave lower counts. Active agents and mechanism of coagulation of turbid waters using Moringa oleifera. Formation of the ions also contributed to the overall conductivity Additionally, research on appropriate secondary purifier technologies like sand filters and solar sterilizers ought to be performed in order to sustainably and consistently meet World Health Organization water safety standards. Potential of using plant extracts for purification of shallow well water in Malawi.

These stages are the presumptive stage, confirmed stage, and complete. The Among all the plant materials that have been tested over volume of sample in each beaker was ml. Effect of Moringa and alum as coagulant at varying water treatment using alum and no threat to human life in concentrations on turbidity of pond water case of overdose as stated in the findings of Crapper et al. Thus, in the light of this study, an establishment of a cheaper and safer coagulant to treat the problems that rises due to the usage of aluminum sulphate such as health implications for rural areas usage can be established. The first three beakers were filled with mL of water in each beaker, while the fourth beaker is left untreated for control. Filter solution to remove insoluble materials into the water being treated. How to cite this article:

The eight containers were properly and quickly sealed and were subjected for physico-chemical and microbiological analysis.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

Moringa oleifera pods was first collected from the tree and papee Moringa oleifera of the best and matured quality were obtained. After the addition of the coagulant, the water was mixed rapidly using rpm for 5 min and then slowed down to 50 rpm for 30 min.

Water Purification using Malunggay (MoringOleifera) Seeds

Assessment of water purification potential of Moringa oleifera seeds To cite this article. The aluminum sulphate which acts as synthetic coagulant was used for comparison in terms of treatment efficiency with Moringa oleifera. The treat- provided for safe drinking water is 5NTU log This accounted reduced as the concentrations of the dosing solutions for the basic pH values observed for Moringa treatments were increased.


In Total Coliform Count, the bacteria present in water is reduced as the concentration of moringa oleifera increases, as well as the heterotrophic bacteria, it has also a decreasing trend as the concentration of moringa oleifera increases, that is all because it has a positive proteins or cationic proteins that can remove impurities such as bacteria and other negative particles.

Further research studies about water purification using malunggay seed powder must be employed in order to provide a secure and easy means of potable water especially in rural areas.

Like the above research of Pritchard et al. Remember me on this computer.

Water Purification using Malunggay (MoringOleifera) Seeds

The initial conductivity reading The researchers found that the reduction of turbidity achieved by M. This is Turbidity measurement determined by observing puricier there are any cracked pods on the plants.

Any sub- At In table 1, it can be observed that there is no stable trend because as we can see from the table, the purifjer, Treatment 1, and Treatment 2 has decreasing trend, however, when it comes to Treatment 3 it suddenly increased. Malunggay seeds were air dried for days to lessen moisture in the seed paste and to make the seed soft enough to be peeled.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

In traditional purification of water, the African nomads used the paste or the powdered seeds of Moringa as a natural coagulant for water purification in Sudan and other parts of Africa Malungggay et al. The parameters in microbiological analysis are having a good result in terms of the Total number of Coliform, heterotrophic bacteria and the presence of Fecal Coliforms or E.


Numerous nations that purufier as yet inadequate with regards to water treatment system can’t appear to provide their residents with an adequate quality that follow the minimum requirement of a drinking water which resulted in the image of an ideal country where all citizens receive clean water supply has totally vanished.

Both physico-chemical and microbiological analysis have control variable which is the surface water only. Treatments This is likely to lead to cost reduction in the conventional Figure 1. The initial temperature of the groundwater was In table 1, the pH value of control sample is closer to the normal value which is 7. Filter solution to remove insoluble materials into the water being treated.


Carefully pour clean water off the top as the contaminated sediment has settled to the bottom.

Collection of water samples. This method is a slight modification of the one at the wavelength of nm specified for measuring turbidity.

malunggay seeds as water purifier research paper

Moringa oleifera, a drought- resistant tree that thrives in the Tropics, has seeds that have long been known to clarify turbid water. Effect of Moringa and alum as coagulant at varying concentrations on conductivity of pond water. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the creative commons attribution Licensewhich pper unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Eeeds table 2, the control which has not been treated with malunggay seed powder and the Treatment 1 which has 2 g of malunggay seed powder are both verified positively the presence of Fecal Coliforms using Multiple Tube Fermentation Technique. This study thus, was aimed to compare the efficiency of seed extracts of Moringa oleifera and aluminum sulphate in treating water that is used for drinking purposes and also to look into a deeper depth of how the water quality factors turbidity, pH, conductivity and temperature affects the efficiency of malunggat sulphate and Moringa oleifera wster when it is used for the groundwater sample.

Is there a significant difference on the physical and microbiological on water samples before and after the application of malunggay seeds? It was caused by multiple and seefs kinds of microorganisms such as protozoa, viruses, bacteria and intestinal parasites.

Characterization and use of Moringa oleifera seeds as biosorbent for removing metal ions from aqueous effluents.