Not what makes the schools or politicians look good. Check out my article ‘Homework – Education’s Biggest Scam – http: I can not even imagine making my kids sit through an evening of homework after school, farm work and part time jobs. September 18, at 4: The number of parents who don’t spend even that small amount of time with their child is appalling.

Then reframe the question in your mind. My only comment as a second grade teacher is to not send a letter, but to request a time to talk with the teacher either on the phone or in person to talk it over. For me, I loved it. I hated that the schools pushed homework on kids at such a young age. Its only been about a month that they have been back to school but I can already tell a difference in his overall attitude, until I read your article I hadn’t made the correlation that homework and his attitude change were linked!

So heatjer your definition, kids who have learning disabilities would just need to do tons more homework? I think the real key whichever route you choose is positive family and parental involvement.

Homework has benefits, but its benefits are age dependent. We solved the homework problem by pulling him and his sister out of school and are now homeschooling the older two, with two younger kids just beginning one preschool and one in kindergarten – public school. They would have to give up sleeping to get it all done. Look at the academic success of Finland, where no homework is the norm.

Clash of Authorities: Discovering a Sane Path Out of Homework

Families shukaker opt out, teachers can set a culture of no homework or rare, optional homeworkand schools can take time to read the research and rekindle joy in learning. Read the post Homework Letter Update or other homework posts.


heather shumaker homework

Thanks for making the language so easy to use! No matter how many emails or phone calls home, no matter how many trips to the office, the students still don’t care.

They need homwwork break from being told what to do. We do our work in hour a day, why can’t teachers. I taught middle and elementary school for thirty-two years.

heather shumaker homework

Learn why substituting reading for pleasure at home is better than homework, and discover respectful ways to change the homework culture. Teachers don’t have the freedom and flexibility that they used to.

Clash of Authorities: Discovering a Sane Path Out of Homework – A Fine Parent

As usual, it comes down to money, or lack thereof, and everyone feels the impact. Resend Verification Email Join Us!

A six year old does not need to write a paper on a president or a 9 year old does not need to make a poster about the way modern cars are better then ones from the 30’s. I wish more parenting advice had encouraged me to do this instead of focusing solely on reading. October 22, at Play, following their own ideas.

I understand your point that in the early grades, children need to play and actually learn by doing so.

Play, family time and sleep. It’s just too much. No child should have to be this tired, first of all. If you don’t like the public school – you can enroll your child in a charter school.


Homework is wrecking our kids: The research is clear, let’s ban elementary homework |

Patents often rely on the homework to keep the kid out of trouble when they’re working or dealing with siblings. I have 3 sons who have no use for school, and are heavy equipment operatorswho should ueather been steered in that direction, right from grade and one who is gifted, who fell in the middle, did a 5 year university degree, and has a great job, traveling heagher world, teaching and training about environmental stewardship.

Just because you can do it in 20 mins doesn’t mean everyone can.

heather shumaker homework

All we can say is LOVE If the parent does not want or believe in homework then the family should feel safe in sharing that with the teacher, and not live in fear of being judged homeowrk the teacher. Get new blog posts by email. My hubby has been saying heathef for years. I know plenty of “smart” people who aren’t great citizens or neighbors at all.

I believe it will be parents like you that correct the mess we have made of our children education. It is not your fault, problems at home most likly incest or other horror at home. Reading together everyday is about all I heatber manage right now, and when I have more time I plan to spend that time teaching my daughter how to play piano.