The speaker on the occasion was Mr. The Camp was organised to promote the noble cause of donating blood in order to make it available to those in critical need of it. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. I am the Admin of Lawctopus. What were the mistakes that you made in your first three attempts? Even this is something which is very dependent on the individual.

Books act as your base. There are few questions where you have to put in your opinion, for example, there are questions where they ask for a critique of the government. In the interview, you should present yourself as you are and not someone else. Having work experience helps you a lot and I personally feel that one should have work experience of at least two years. So, I personally believe that you should focus more on the Mains. Additionally, Certificates of Participation shall be issued to all participants and winners. Furthermore, the government must focus on effective implementation of existing schemes for empowerment.

Not one to be content with a dull, routine monologue, the speaker preferred to jolt the audience into action by an on-the-spot drawing contest and a tanagram activity, connecting each with an important aspect of understanding social media networks.

Anandi is cojpetition grassroots organization in Gujarat working on similar themes.

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gnlu essay competition 2016 results

One needs to have a very practical approach while making such strategies. The other type is where the questions would tend to be fesults factual and related to current affairs. But there are times in the office where work is very slow, as opposed to jobs in the private sector where everything is fast paced.


He has also served as the vice chancellor of the University of South Gujarat, Surat, India — GST and its Impact on Business in India [Student Essay] The senior runner-up, Hiya Chowdhury, has pulled off result very difficult indeed, cover letter with thru story that shines with subtlety and rightness, skilful articulacy, with a communal understanding in which contemporaneity and history, both essentially held together, are made visible in the briefest space like a flare in the essay.

After which, he talked about fundamental rights and duties of the citizens.

gnlu essay competition 2016 results

GNLU Essay Competition on Directorate of extension activities information circular gnlu new campus inaugural speeches critique: Endnotes are not gnlu. It’s your turn now. I used to schedule my studies according to content.

There can be two kinds of questions: State specific legislations were also explained. The workshop quickly moved on to an interactive discussion on themes of usage of power in workplaces and peer pressure in forming relationships. Their rights and duties, assimilated and crystallized within the framework of legislations and welfare schemes, mirror their status in the society. Did Lawctopus help you? I never thought that I will study for eight hours or some definite number of hours.

What should I focus more on – Prelims or Mains? Then, Aashka Shah took over to explain the article 21 and article 21A. I am for law students, of law students and by law students. Certificates will be issued to all participants.


The blood donation and collection surpassed that of last year and represents the number of people who are seeking and being a part of the initiative we need to take to preserve and further eessay humanity. Prashastika Sharma, and Ms.

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Gohil is an openly gay Indian male whose story of coming out had made headlines in by virtue of his being the son and probable heir of the Gnpu of Rajpipla in Gujarat. This was followed by the explanation of certain terms in the Act and the intricacies in procedure. The event was graced by the presence of Professor Dr. The jugaad for your internship.

Gnlu essay competition 2016 results

One mistake that I made was that, on being told by coaching institutions to do so, I started writing answers in paragraphs when I was more comfortable with writing answers in points. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

gnlu essay competition 2016 results

As the blood donations continued over the course of the evening, over people from GNLU and the surrounding areas donated. The audience was shown Case Studies which emphasised the importance of explicit consent, the lack of which could lead to emotional stress. Avinash Bhagi was among the first to donate.