Actor Action System Response Step 1: You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Whether or not they identify the optional entities will depend on how they interpret the user requirements and on thheir experience level with datebase normalization. The screen will include an option to return to the list of employees and an option to return to the return to the Step 7: You might stress to the students that oftentimes user expectations are simply stated in terms of a new system that works!

None be excessive due to the costs by 50 percent. In this milestone we focus on using and constructing data flow diagrams DFDs and decomposition diagrams to perform process modeling. Less than ideal United Way and Savings Bonds contributions. An Employee will specify one or more MiscDeductions. Also ,make sure they specify proper objectives to correct the problems. It is important to ensure that students use the proper controls when designing their screens. A person who should be contacted concerning a particular employee in case of emergency A unique, sequentially-assigned identifier for an employee.

The year for which a United Way contribution applies.

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It is recommended that you identify what you consider good and perhaps unique screen designs by different students and present them to the class. System updates data for pay rates or job title or supervisor. Sequential files are information online. Also ,make sure they specify proper miledtone to correct the problems. With a little thinking ,attributes such as these can be devised that will work for essentially any kind of deduction.


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System displays option for kind of information to be displayed. The street address, city, state, and zip of an emergency contact.

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This is the answers. None be excessive due to the costs by 50 percent. This is a good way to show and emphasize creativity and the face there is no one corrects solution. These ara not incorrect,but have been left out of the glossary for the sake of simplicity.

Provide an ad-hoc technology does not reporting and inquiry support ad-hor report feature for users. Cost of maintaining and operating current mainframe system excessive Economics.

Hardcopy telephone book, published quarterly, becomes quickly out of date. Foreign keys are marked with FK and a number. For example, we have encountered clients who have mentioned that they envisioned expected? The students should try to identify problems and opportunities that were mentioned in the narrative.

They should include all interface and controller objects identified in the sequence diagram and assign behaviors to objects consistent with the sequence milesotne. Actor Action System Response Step 1: During this milestone you will first construct a context diagram to establish project scope and boundaries. If user then selects one fsss, system displays option for kind of information to be displayed.

Foreign key is a relational database concept that is not used in object-oriented analysis A case could be legitimately made that an aggregation relationship exists between Department and Employee. Students shoud be able to identify at least the major entities below.


Process modeling – Chapter 9 2. Add this document to collection s.

esss case study solutions milestone 4

System must be setup contributions platform independent online. New interfaces must source of entry for be according to legacy employee information system specifications. Provide single source are application specific for employee and not enterprise information. Check for proper UML notation of the input messages as well as for the logic of the diagram. Age and technology of system require a high level of is support.

Tentative List of Requirements Requirement Classification The system should allow employees to update their own information,including address,phone numbers,emergency contact Functional information,beneficiary information,paycheck deductions,office location and so on.

However,by making them separate entities we can assure that spelling is consistent for all records and provide the user interface with dropdown controls to lookup the values.

Similaryiy,two or more building could feasibly hava the same mail stop Ids. The following completed maxtrix is one possible solution.

Processing costs may 1.