Compare this number to the simple code that consists of all sequences from the alphabet i. As initial guess, you can use the least-norm solution of the linear equations resulting if you ignore the quadratic terms in f. Report the optimal cost func- tion value, and for each possible destination plot the position of the vehicle p k 1 ,. Copy this file to your working directory and type uy data from within matlab. Please give us the simplest example you can think of. If your solution is valid provided some matrix is or some matrices are full rank, say so.

We have a list of k economic sectors such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, defense,. That explains why we call it a data collection network. Now consider the problem from the lecture notes of a unit mass acted on by forces x1 ,. If this happens to you, quickly run your script again. This is what we needed to show.

ee263 homework solutions

Ee homework 2 solutions. Using these reference directions, the flow or traffic on link j is denoted fj. It will also plot the sampled signal.

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You will prove the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. Log In Sign Up. You must explain how you found it, and you must submit the code that you used to generate your solution.

The data for this problem is in color perception. The components of the inputs might be, for example, the deflections of various control surfaces and the thrust of the engines; the output might be vertical acceleration.

Carry out your method on the data given in the matlab file. We are given a noisy measurement ymeas 1.


In this part of the problem, we are interested in getting a message that starts at a particular node, to all others, and we attach no cost to storage solutlons transmission, so there is no harm is assuming that at each time period, every node that has the message forwards it to all nodes it is able to transmit to.

Show that U is either a rotation or a reflection.

ee263 homework solutions

We consider a communications network with m nodes, plus a special destination node, and n communication links. Give K, your estimate of the DCT bandwidth of y. This mfile takes as argument the x- and y-coordinates of the free and fixed cells, as well as the node incidence matrix that solutoons the wires. In some contexts, affine functions are mistakenly, or informally called linear, even though in general they are not.

There are also matrices for which it does hold, e. Introduction homewkrk applied linear algebra and linear dynamical systems, equations and least-norm solutions of are from the EE homework.

The spot measurements are not perfect as we assumed in part a ; they contain small noise and errors. This choice has no significance; you can store a message at any node in any eee263.

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Each so,utions has a known stoichiometry, which tells us the rate of consumption and production of the metabolites per unit of reaction rate. Much of the linear algebra for Rn and Cn carries over to Zn2.

The convolution system represents the transmission channel. The congestion is positive if the traffic exceeds the target rate, and negative if it is below the target rate. Note that the first requirement says that every consistent y does not trip the alarm; the second requirement states that every inconsistent y does trip the alarm.


Note that there is no requirement on the vehicle velocity at the way-points. You can assume that the matrices A and B are skinny and full rank i. EEa Homework 4 solutions 4. You can assume that a matrix appearing in your analysis is full rank, but please make this assumption explicit. The last column of S gives the amounts of metabolites used when the entry is negative or created when positive per unit of cell growth rate.

The graph is symmetric, so the edge i, j simply means that i and j are connected by an edge.

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In real congestion control, the rates and traffic are nonnegative, and the traffic on each link must be below a maximum allowed level called the link capacity.

But you must state this solutionw. You can assume that n is chosen large enough to represent the functions well. Concepts like nullspace, range, independence and rank are all defined in the obvious way for vector spaces over Z2.

This file defines a specific vector f that you will use. The problem is to estimate the vector of densities x, from a set of sensor measurements that we now describe.