The same thing can be done over Altamont at the north end to provide a LA-SF trip as the IOS is being completed, a decade or more before those cities are to be connected as the system is currently planned. Tier 4 for locomotives sets a very low bar indeed. Will it be quicker than bussing from Bakersfield? Decision made to not hold previously planned third peer revenue page The Authority also received proposals from 36 international companies that specialize in high-speed rail projects, most of which told the Authority that private funding was not coming to the rescue and that the approach planned by the HSR Authority is not technically or financially feasible. February 7th, at

History of California High-Speed Rail. Call me naive, but I believe the courts will stop a plan that does not meet Pro 1a. Someone brave enough to stop California’s crazy train”. HSR can sell more tickets for trains running between SF and San Jose if Caltrain service was curtailed during peak demand and Caltrain were unable to run express trains. In , the following stations and options were proposed.

California on the Move? The Palm Dale Dogleg, slow-downs for express trains crossing Bakersfield, Fresno and for anyone else bothred by noise along the most densely populated corridor in the San Joaquin Valley plus crossing the width of the CV when leaving Fresno toward the Pacheco Pass will cost a lot of run time. The substantive time losses are in Socal. One specification that is causing some difficulty is the HSR train requirement for a floor height of 50 in.


The California Legislative Analyst’s Office published recommendations on May 10,which they said will help the high-speed rail project be developed successfully.

No longer will they be able to accept a hamburger today for payment on Tuesday. Energy consumption goes up exponentially with speed, making mph cost-prohibitive.

cahsr 2014 business plan

Grindley with coauthor William Warren makes a reasonable assumption that the Authority chooses to ignore: Tier 4 locomotives are expected to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions by over 85 percent compared to current Tier 0 locomotive engines. You loose 2 minutes because most of your top speed is mph for lack of grade separations. The money spent on buainess San Joaquin River restoration is a joke!!!

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It was a response to the lack of public accountability we observed firsthand from the California High-Speed Rail Authority as they planned the rail alignment through our rural agricultural communities. Catering to commute markets requires running lots of trains in the peak direction then parking them for much of the day. Someones been drinking out of plsn irrigation ditches.

So the way I read they plan to have full hsr electrified. The difference is primarily related to government structure, with centralization abroad serving the public interest of system users, versus outsourcing everything to the private sector here, serving primarily company owners and busjness. If anybody complains they will walk out on strike and the machine will back them up.

People do not like to transfer, period. Given that Burbank has some of the worst air quality in the country intersection of 2 major freeways, job center, airport, junction of 2 rail lines using diesel power will we find an increased use of diesel trains acceptable?


2014 Business Plan

North Coast Railroad Authority. February 10th, at 9: Cahsf increased trains at Burbank will be acceptable. The draft business plan does indicate the following about using cap-and-trade funds for HSR: October MTC issues memo responding to criticisms of ridership study. Retrieved July 30, Busineas you been here and seen the space available and the proposed footprint of the busineas I mean here joe Reply: Archived from the original on August 16, All pollution would be offset by other activities.

So, how conservative are the ridership forecasts? Read our report and decide for yourself. Dear Joe, so polite so eloquent Unfortunately you need Los Angelesthe San Fernando Valley and indeed Burbank for your project to be busines, and we will not be dumped on by misguided schoolboys like you.

I hope I know better than to seek perfection but I always look for ways to improve what is presented. A great marriage for California”. There is a whole second part of the trial, the a declaratory relief part that has yet to be heard.

A method to safely and rapidly descend from high mountain passes needs to be devised.

cahsr 2014 business plan