A teacher asks five different students to write an equation with a solution of. Copyright c 00, by Addison-Wesley 0. Multiplicative Comparison Student Probe Tom ran 4 laps of the football field. If he gets 10 stamps for every dollar he spends at the supermarket, how much must he spend to earn enough stamps for the Rollerblades? How much did each dozen eggs cost?

Be sure to include units of measure in your unit rate. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. Along the way, this section will practice operations with rational numbers, with particular attention paid to precision with inconvenient division problems that come up from ratios. Define a variable and write an expression showing how much money she will have left after buying 3 candy bars and a pack of pencils, if the pack of pencils is two dollars less than the cost of a candy bar. What was the selling price of the racket before tax? A plane is flying at an altitude of feet. Use the model to help you fill out the following tables.

Math 7 Scope and Sequence Unit 1 – Rational Number Equivalence

Sally worked 7 more than 5 times as many hours as Sid did. Billy needs to read at least 35 minutes more each day.


A Note to Parents This Wordbook contains all the sight words we will be studying throughout the year plus some additional enrichment words. Make certain each member of the group has ratiow copy of the plan.

4.1a homework model ratios

How many minutes will it take for Container B to have less water than Container A? The ratio of girls to boys in Mrs. Number Line Model for Subtraction Notes: Then compare the rate tables: He wants to check whether he is swimming laps faster over time.

Create a group plan steps to follow at home. Each member of your group will ratjos a different book. This work is published under More information. Students can show checks on the back of ratioa available page. The sum of a number and its double is eighteen. Measure and compare pencil lengths to the More information.

State whether the inequality is always, sometimes, or never true.

4.1a homework model ratios

Students should be encouraged to find exact unit rates; i. In the fridge, there are 2! Multiply Integers Using a Chip Model pdf. Find each sum without a model.

What was the original price, in dollars, of each package of batteries? Extra Practice 1 Lesson 2.


Modeling Backwards Distribution HW: Read each question carefully and circle the correct answer. Jenny and Mark share some money.

4.1a homework model ratios

Deep Understanding, Skill Mastery I can compute a unit rate from a context that uses rational numbers in any form.

There were 7 inches of rain in 24 hours.

Ratios and Proportions – Algebra

She wants to give each friend a rratios bag with a large candy bar and a notebook. Writing Equations from Patterns a Homework: Use the graph to answer More information.

What percent of the fruit is bananas? What was the original price of the Xbox before the sale on Monday?

Math 7 Scope and Sequence Unit 1 – Rational Number Equivalence

The skills covered are basics that must. What is the oldest Bridget could be? At this rate, if the batter has gotten 9 home runs, how many times did he swing? Chance Proportions f Homework: