Submit Site Search Search. The workshop will provide an overview of the types of criteria that reviewers use in evaluating proposals as well as an opportunity to evaluate examples of successful research proposals and personal statements. It will not address how to identify grant or fellowship opportunities. Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Please use your umich. This workshop focuses on how to develop productive academic writing habits. Since then, the number of students each spring has grown from 10 to

Sweetland Center for Writing. Previous Slide Next Slide. The good news is, it can be done, and it can be done reasonably. This workshop will also present approaches to writing issues that dissertators in particular encounter, including: The nomination, containing the following information, should be emailed to Laura Schuyler schuyler umich. Student’s name s and email address Dissertation Chair’s name s and email address Department nominations for Spring are due in February date TBA.

Little prepares graduate students for the enormity of writing these extended and original academic arguments. Once you’ve committed to an argument, how do you arrange your dissertation to best serve it? Participants attend the Institute for at least six hours sweetalnd day during the eight weeks of the Spring term.

This workshop will be most useful for graduate students in any discipline who are beginning to think about disseminating original research, whether at conferences or for publication. The Role of Citation Norms in Establishing Scholarly Credibility While proper citation of sources is required of any writer who wants to avoid plagiarism, academic norms regarding citation and source use are complex and extend beyond law and ethics. Sweetland offers consultations and workshops for instructors and students across the University, and conducts research on writing.

Writing Workshop

Submit Site Search Search. Whether you are writing for a blog or some other form of digitally created and shared piece of writing, there are many issues you should be aware of–from creating compelling and convincing posts that resonate with your target audience, to navigating the shifting waters of authorship and publication.


Additionally, simply refreshing your window will log you in if you are timed out of the system after a period of inactivity. Please bring a Resume or partially written Resume or Curriculum Vita with you to the workshop.

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Structuring Content What kinds of arguments can you use a dissertation to make, and how can you frame or position those arguments? Department Nomination Department Chairs and Directors nominate up dissertatjon four advanced graduate students sweet,and they believe will benefit by participating in this Institute. These students will then be contacted by Sweetland and asked to apply. It is also a challenging organizational project. Students will take part in activities evaluating resumes and work with their peers to improve their own.

Keyword Search of sweetland 0″ v-on: Maximum of 4 appointments per half term. This workshop will provide an overview of writing at a professional level in the sciences. A dissetation review is a foundational component of the dissertation that provides important context for one’s research and writing. Sweetland Center for Writing.

Wseetland, we commit to critiquing and counteracting both individual and structural oppression in order to create a safer, more just university for all students. Balancing the demands of writing with the array of other graduate school responsibilities—planning discussion sections, building syllabi, grading, acting as a research assistant, reading for classes, being a diligent citizen of your home department, etc.

We Talk to Writers Sweetland offers one-to-one writing support to all students, any major, at any stage of writing.

Most important, you should become familiar with how text and images work together, how links can be effective, and how content achieves a purpose. Click the title above to learn more about becoming a peer writing consultant.

sweetland dissertation writing institute

Writing Workshop Writing Groups Courses. Spring Blank Check box to stay logged in: Effective Writing Plans and Goals Balancing the demands of writing with the array of other graduate school responsibilities—planning discussion sections, building syllabi, grading, acting as a research assistant, reading for classes, being a diligent citizen of your home department, etc. If you do not receive your password in a few minutes, please check your spam filter.


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Previous Issues Contact Us. Cicciarelli helped create the pilot program for the institute in We will discuss specific approaches to:.

sweetland dissertation writing institute

Click to call This workshop offers students tips and ideasfor writing more competitive grant and fellowship proposals dissdrtation STEM disciplines. Review examples of calls for proposals and decode their language to see more clearly how best to respond Construct general principles about audiences for statements of purpose and how to write to meet their needs Offer tips on easy ways of preparing to write and enrich the statement Share exercises on how to conceive of the statement as an argument Consider what UM statistics say about why proposals are rejected Review a list of things and words to avoid in statements of purpose This workshop will be useful for any graduate student applying for fellowships, grants, or other opportunities whose applications require some form of statement of purpose.

sweetland dissertation writing institute

Paul Barron, also a faculty member at the center and in English Language and Literature, LSA, says faculty seek to build students’ confidence in their writing, and encourage them to view themselves not just as scholars but also as writers. Contextualize, frame, and test an effective argument Strengthen the structure of an argument Identify writing conventions in your discipline Situate your work dssertation the existing scholarship of your field Write with clarity and precision at the level of sentence, paragraph, and section Solicit and respond to feedback from advisers and peers This workshop will be useful for Social Science and Humanities graduate students writing seminar papers, dissertations, conference papers and articles.