Your comments and suggestions are valuable! In the past, applicants also used the cover letter to list expertise needed to review the application and to request assignment. Tuan Manh Tran, M. State the title if you’re responding to an initiative. The R01 is the NIH standard independent research project grant. Only the NIH review officer will view your cover letter; the grant reviewers will not see your cover letter. It begins with the R21 phase for milestone-driven exploratory or feasibility studies with a possible transition to the R33 phase for expanded development.

September 22, Category: Note that only the scientific review officer sees your cover letter, not the reviewers or program officers. Visitor Information Contact Us. When can you submit a cover letter? Because the CSR sorts more than 80, applications every year, they do not have a long time to read each letter, so you should keep the cover letter as brief as possible to highlight your main points you can even use bullets to make your points stand out. The FDiversity supports predoctoral students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, those with disabilities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

R03s are not intended for new investigators. The NIH requires that you include a cover letter in the following situations: Our on-site scientific writing workshops can range from hours to several days in length. Our articles are based on the material from our scientific writing workshops, which cover these and many other topics more thoroughly, with more examples and discussion.


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The text of these applications is copyrighted. Note that this will render your application late. State the title if you’re responding to an initiative. The R21 funds novel scientific ideas, model systems, tools, agents, targets, and technologies that have the potential to substantially advance biomedical research.

Poritz proposed that Dr.

nih f32 cover letter example

Create a Resource Sharing Plan. See the next bullet. Optional Uses for the Cover Letter You may choose to use a cover letter for the following purposes: Request that the proposal be assigned to a specific study section and institute. Our scientific writing workshops consistently receive high petter from participants including graduate students, post-docs, and faculty in diverse fields.

Note the involvement of human subjects, select agents, ketter other areas with special requirements. Explain that the proposed study will generate large-scale human or non-human genomic data.

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Andrew Hemmert took on increasing responsibility for the work. The purpose of the cover letter is to allow you to submit additional information to the review officer about where you would like your grant submitted, suggest ideal reviewers, examplr provide any other information that may be useful to better assign your grant proposal to the exampld reviewers. Start with the title and a brief description of your application.

You must indicate that you are submitting to a study section that allows a nonstandard submission date.

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The information you include in your cover letter will help provide the CSR with valuable information to help ensure your grant proposal is sent to the appropriate study section and reviewed by the most appropriate reviewers. Summary Statement and Full Application. Hemmert replace him as the PI. Examplf Research Enhancement Award R15 program supports small-scale research projects to expose students to research and covwr the research environment at educational institutions that have not been major recipients of NIH support.


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Please see our scientific writing workshop page for details. If you do request a specific study section, you should also explain why that particular study section is the best fit for your proposal.

Tuan Manh Tran, M. Click here to return to our scientific editing article library. Resubmission proposals Any application that requires approval prior to submission of a proposal e.

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In the past, applicants also used the cover letter to list expertise needed to review the application and to request assignment. Exapmle offer on-site workshops for your event or organization, and also host workshops that individual participants can attend. Indicate that you plan to send video files later.

January 28, Minutes: Visitor Information Contact Us. Creating Your Cover Letter Here’s how to create and format your cover letter: Skip to main content.