The excellent scholarly and creative work of our undergraduate and graduate students has resulted in awards and national recognition. I love reading and seeing Shakespeare performed. It was therefore imperative to create assignments that enabled students to actively pursue topics of interest to them. Our classrooms are our first public: Please send applications to:

This is the second in a series of posts on “Teaching Britain and the World. Review of proposals will begin on July 1, , and continue until the position is filled; appointment may begin as early as Sept. Liaise with hosting Regional. Potential editors in these disciplines are encouraged to apply. Having such a broad chronology is both daunting and liberating — for me and for my students. The presentation of different objects by different students provided a stimulating way of introducing the whole class to a variety of themes, sources, objects, and topics they would not have encountered otherwise.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

These are interesting times to be teaching and writing the history of modern Britain. Though curry was discussed several times, the historical context provided was unique in each paper, which further emphasized the potential of accessing imperial history through a study of food. The professor who taught the course needs to include a letter nominating the essay, including information about the level of the course and the student’s year of study as well as the student’s permanent mailing address and underyraduate contact information.

We talked about structures of contes by analyzing familial and community relationships–for example, the way undergradduate schools and forced inoculations altered the relationship between the native people and the colonial government, as well as between parents and children. What attracted you to this work?

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Work with webmaster to maintain website, share announcements, and issue advocacy statements. The deadline for both fellowships is April 1st. I plan to assign the project again because the successes far outweighed the weaknesses. This project allowed them to utilize their knowledge and developing research skills, as well as their imaginations and empathy, to consider the British Empire from multiple perspectives, from the grand scale to the individual, human experiences of hunger and satiation.


Worry about how much work I need to get done?? The assignment was to include: We aim to be flexible with fellowship dates — applicants should indicate their preferred dates in —19, and their preferred fellowship duration i. If any of you have used the book in a classroom I would l love to hear what works and what does not, there is lots to improve for the next edition! And in the classroom and lecture hall we are forced outside of our academic bubble where we sometimes too comfortably assume that everyone possesses similar terms of reference and modes of thought.

Help local arrangements committee select hotel Review hotel contract for budget, room numbers, etc. Fellowships will generally last for one month but can last up to a maximum of three months. Apply for Stern Grant. We define British studies broadly to encompass England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; our readers are interested in transatlantic, transnational, and postcolonial approaches, and in the British Empire and Commonwealth.

Thus, my challenge was to make empire real by engaging their imaginations, their emotions, and their senses.

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Its membership also includes many teachers at universities in countries outside North America, secondary school teachers, and independent scholars. Review of proposals will begin on July 1,and continue until the position is filled; appointment may begin as early as Sept. Having been inspired by the variety of papers and sources I encountered at the Britain and the World conference in April,I was determined to create an assignment that would give students a small glimpse of this variety.

Given that where I live, I can manage only a few weeks per year in relevant physical archives. Each chapter is set up to answer a particular question about change over time and whatever you think of the explanations and arguments that follow they are designed to be accessible to students — with timelines, lots of maps and images, textboxes that zoom in on particular people, places or types of sources, guides to further secondary reading, and a glossary of key-terms. Finding Guide 50th Anniversary: While the largest single group of its members teach British history in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, the NACBS has significant representation among specialists in literature, art history, politics, law, sociology, and economics.


What became apparent to me quickly was that most of my students were entering the class with a very broad idea of empire. Track down presenters who have not registered. It was an amazing opportunity to help inform how the next generation of undergraduates are taught the history of modern Britain. That experience tempts me to try to teach Tristram Shandy as a cultural history text in an eighteenth-century Britain course, but that seems too big a challenge and is best left to colleagues in the English Department.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Inform treasurer of checks that need to be issued. Having such a broad chronology is both daunting and liberating — for me and for my students.

Moreover, I did so by progressively introducing more freedom with each assignment. I am not sure how successful I was in worlding the history of Britain but I am a little more confident that the book should be good to teach with.

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