Journal of Science Education and Technology, 18 3 , What keywords are most relevant to literacies and practices? What do you have to know or in what areas do you need to be engaged and literate? Isn’t it interesting that the idea of personalized learning has taken shape of many forms, varying slightly, but has actually been around for centuries? Feng and Petrina suggest that “spirituality and technology are co-emergent and mutually-interdependent.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was about changing cultural and social foundations combined with sociological foundations which mapped adaptations in traditional educational practice. You are commenting using your Google account. Works to show some connections between readings, theories and research discussed in class and attempts to show how it connects to future learning. My son’s class uses computers to learn typing, his homework is a math program called “Reflex Math”, and the ipads are used for “free choice” when a student is done their work sheets. Little, Brown, and Co.

Access to technology, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, should no longer be the major impediment to starting a classroom blogging environment.

etec 511 scholarly essay

What have most of us been conditioned to order? ET focuses on the learning affordances provided by the technology.

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It suggests that technology is used to facilitate learning, and an emphasis should be placed more on process and a way of thinking, sharing and connecting. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign sholarly Available only to authorized users. Eventually, the project came together and was presented to the class.


etec 511 scholarly essay

However, colleagues did not see this as productive and eesay that students reword information. You have chosen the field of educational technology for professional pursuits. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Although I agree with my colleagues, it almost seemed like a form of punishment to have students reword information that was already grammatically correct and easily available to them.

Connects these ideas and plans for future learning. Why does it matter? This technology is changing the psychology behind the way we think and perceive the world and ourselves. Secularism no longer seems tenable… Response to another post: A social constructivist interpretation.

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Email Subscription Enter your email address to essya to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. P urpose and assessment of assignment: If we educators give this message to our students, then must we not follow this advice, as well?

It seemed beyond my capabilities, both in terms of thinking and producing a cartoon. Addresses some specific points and adds a small amount of insight. Is the ideal form of spirituality that without technology? Is technology an invasive species? This kind of leadership is what makes change happen. With inexperience, scholarky will likely bring a lack of knowing what blogging expectations exist.


Will the blog be private or public?

School Science and Mathematics, 5 A simple apparatus scyolarly gives tests and scores – and teaches. My son’s class uses computers to learn typing, his homework is a math program called “Reflex Math”, and the ipads are used for “free choice” when a student is done their work sheets.

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In other words, how is the teacher going to establish and maintain a suitable blogging environment? Access to computers and internet connectivity is paramount, so that teachers must provide alternatives for students who may not be able to rely on having access to these physical requirements. What do private tutoring companies offer ET that public schools do not? Please click on the links to read my essay on defining academic dishonesty in the digital age, my proposal for the essay and instructor feedback.

etec 511 scholarly essay

What is a “relational artifact” and why does Turkle emphasize their importance? This is not merely semantics. The Reza Aslan interview has hadshares on Facebook and 77, likes on Facebook. The only difference is the aesthetic appeal.