He baptised people in the desert. Cambridge University Press, Peter’s confession is only partially correct because he does not understand Jesus’ true mission. The boat scenes show the disciples’ fear, lack of trust, and concern for themselves. They were crucial to all Jesus had come to do.

Now the twelve apostles were ready to join with his work. There have been many individuals throughout the history of Christianity who have based their lives on these commandments. They travel around the world to teach about Jesus. The man replies that he has obeyed them ever since he was young v Jesus chose twelve disciples because there were to stand for the twelve tribes in Israel, he and they together were to inaugurate the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Sociology of Early Palestinian Christianity. They can feely choose to do good for Christian reasons just like adults can make up their own minds freely.

Children can give witness to discipleship at home, school and everywhere they go. Believers can profit from the reminder that Jesus was not just a good man, a teacher, or a prophet but the Son of God with divine authority.

Baptism is a true sacrament instituted by Christ. Cooper, Holman New Testament Commentary: They feel that it is right to help those who are suffering at the hands of others throughout the world. Examples of these organisations are Trocaire, Red Cross and Tear fund. Giving up material possessions to disfipleship Jesus in eternal life is one of the points made in Mark Mark says the disciples’ hearts were hardened, a condition previously used to describe the Pharisees in 3: Hurtado, Mark New York: Disciples viewed positively by Mark?


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Discipleship In Mark’s Gospel Essay

What does it mean to be a disciple? Another example of disciples like this is the organisation Amnesty International who together fight for the rights of others.

discipleship in marks gospel essay

In Relation to Jesus To be a disciple of Jesus, obviously there has to be a relationship. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Mark wants his readers to understand that times have change with the journey of the apostles. It confers grace by signs … so children should be baptized while still infants. Disciples of Jesus today try to continue to witness to the values of the Kingdom and practise their discipleship just like the first disciples.

To forget self does not just mean denying one self, but what it does mean is going without certain pleasures in life like so many people do. The last failure is Peter’s denial of Jesus, They are sent out with authority, taking nothing, relying fully and completely on the provision of God and the hospitality of his people.

If Jesus needed fellowship with others to complete the tasks of his Father, how much more does the regular, everyday disciple need community fellowship? An example of this is the work of Mother Teresa, who gave her life to God by serving others in need and rejected the secular life.

After creating a strong identification between the readers and the disciples, Mark presents the failures of the disciples. This shows true discipleship, as she led a full Christian life she was not distracted by materialism such as clothes and processions. The invitation to go with Jesus is an invitation to travel along the same road accepting the Christian way of life and treading in the footsteps of Jesus and following his example as closely as possible.


Fishermen Peter, Andrew, John, James despised tax collectors Levitax collectors were opposed by zealots Simon the Zealot which were radical Jewish nationalists who even used violence to oppose Roman rule. After all, a disciple must follow his rabbi imitating the very speech, behavior, and thoughts of their master.

Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark

From that point on, they would no longer work for themselves; they would work and serve Jesus, drawing others into the fellowship in which each could find his real self in helping others. Give reasons for your answer, showing you have thought of more than one point of view. To Christians, it means giving all that they have in the service of God and of other people. In Mark, the initiative for training to be a disciple always comes from Jesus.

‘Discipleship’ in Mark’s Gospel.

The calling of the Twelve represents the great need people have for companionship. Others fear to declare their faith in public, rather than saving their life they actually risk loosing eternal life. When seen in light of

discipleship in marks gospel essay