Information for exchange students is offered at https: Bachelor’s and master’s thesis must be fulfilled according to the Rector’s Directive and requirements for submitting bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Further information and online application at: WULS Direct contact with the lecturer list of the lecturers can be found on the University lecturers searching engine: After that, you can upload your work in a similar way through the link Insert the thesis and the appendices. Students are highly encouraged to develop their master’s thesis in conjunction with one of these development projects or with a local institution. If both the supervisor and the opponent evaluate the diploma thesis as “failed”, the student did not fulfill the prerequisites for the FSE and cannot participate in the FSE, ie neither does the defense of the diploma thesis nor the FSE from the examined subjects.

The FSE process and the announcement of the results are public according to Art. After that, you can upload your work in a similar way through the link Insert the thesis and the appendices. CULS awards scholarships to duly enrolled students: The FSE must be completed within two years from the end of the academic year in which the student has completed the study duties of the last year of study. It is therefore not possible for us to provide a list of possible subjects for prospective students either.

Final State Examination

On the right side of this page you can find the specific employees for individual departments responsible for thesis collection. Different projects research project, literature survey, If fraudulent behavior including plagiarism is detected in the subsequent control process, disciplinary proceedings with the possibility of exclusion from diploja study will be initiated.

The electronic version of the final thesis in a PDF format and in this single PDF file it must contain a complete text of the thesis which will be the same as the printed version of the final thesis including printed annexes. Extraordinary scholarships for sellected students in precarious situations CULS does thesiis award scholarships to prospective applicants, who are not duly enrolled in studies at CULS.


Theesis you have to find a topic and a supervisor.

The departmental coordinator will then help the student arranging the registration etc. A prerequisite for defence of a thesis is eligibility. The programme consists of courses that address theoretical aspects of development, project management, financial services and international trade.

diploma thesis czu

The assignment of the thesis is created in the UIS and must be approved with an electronic signature by the head of the department to which the thesis is assigned and by the Dean of the FEM.

In order for the approval process to be forwarded to the head of the department and subsequently to the dean, it is first necessary to approve the assignment by the supervisor. Equally important in the selection of the thesis topic is the choice of the thesis supervisor who will play the role of the academic expert, supervisor, guide, coordinator, coach and eventually the evaluator of the thesis.

Management of wildlife populations for both production and conservation purposes is supported by advanced molecular techniques performed in our laboratory. The work should be submitted within the specified deadline – any questions for submitting the final thesis can be directed to these responsible persons.

Diploma Thesis Seminar by DIT at VÅ¡eradice

BOKU You need to be accepted by the supervisor. Template for bachelor thesis two-sided printing sablona-bp-pef-en-duplex. WULS It is possible diploms work on your thesis during the exchange and to look for co-supervision at WULS the rules need to be discussed beforehand with lecturer.

The lists with the allocation of students to the specific dates of the Graduation Tyesis can be found on the portal eStudent before the given ceremony. The study programme provides to students the higher education on the MSc. Sinceall defended theses are accessible online in the final thesis catalogue of CULS.

International Development and Agricultural Economics

Instructions for submitting a bachelor thesis 1-bpen. Exchange students are welcome to work on their thesis, dissertation or project at BOKU. Very important part of courses represents practical trainings and field works and also the Scientific Seminary where students get the opportunity to present their own work and improve their communication skills dealing with their diploma thesis.


It is not possible to do BSc thesis at Wageningen University as an external student. Thesis students will xzu count for the exchange quota between the institutions.

Master thesis abroad: Euroleague for Life Sciences

A detailed guidebook how to choose a topic is available at the time of choice on the homepage of UIS after login. In some study programmes literature research is also possible.

diploma thesis czu

The theme for the BSc thesis or MSc diploma thesis are made public at the portal http: You have to register for it in BOKUonline. But we ask you to do some research and get in touch with your future BOKU co- supervisor.

Merit for outstanding study results or outstanding research 2. The final deadline for the submission is stated in the overview of the most important deadlines given for the chosen State Final Examination. Files for download Instructions for submitting a bachelor thesis 1-bpen. Home Programmes Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary. The students gain the profound knowledge and practical skills in a field of breeding of non-domesticated animals and utilization of wildlife respecting its environment, biology, ecology and behaviour.

If there are no more tenders available, the student may seek the supervisor individually among the supervisors, who have accepted only few students according to the above-mentioned overview of topics.

Students of all degree programs are obliged to submit their final thesis before the final state examination.