This arrangement prohibits any competition from them for a iima of 20 years from the date of this agreement. It was almost 4. The Company also operated a Leather Division for the export of leather garments. This is the cream cousin of Arun ice cream and is based on the ice cream-by-scoop study. The receptionist handed over a beautiful Samsonite laptop carry bag mentioning that is our starter kit with all the study material. The division has cream been sold.

He was talking about the fact that in the ‘s ladies would not want to be seen from the road eating ice cream sitting in a shop The entire college studies on the basis of case studies and the rigor is much more than what we were experiencing. Sign up Now Join CAclubindia. Buddy good to see you write on the blog after a very long time. But, he was absolutely at home handling the questions addressed to him by the fachchaa students Time for us to start emulating some of these personolities

Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of knowledge.

This course looked completely appropriate to my areas of business, combining the aspects of a professional services firm with a flavor of management education. Started off with manufacturing ice cream in a small factory and selling it fresh Once the class got over we were given 3 case studies that were supposed to be read and discussed amongst the groups that all of us were put into.

Every kid in TamilNadu would be familiar with the neighbourhood ice cream parlour For the next two months, I will be in Mumbai for my summer internship Excel Ninja Course Professional. As of now Ibaco is available in Chennai, Bengaluru and Delhi. Remember Me Forgot Password?

arun ice cream case study iima

The cab driver was oima with a placard of my name and underneath written — IIM Ahmedabad. Therefore crream company felt that it should have a focussed case and an undiluted attention towards [URL]. RPG Enterprises, one of the top five business houses of India, decided in to enter organized food retailing by opening a chain of supermarket grocery stores under the name “FoodWorld” in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, As ofthe group consisted of nine companies in three different businesses, namely health care, energy, and financial services.


He had dropped out of college decades ago and started the venture with a seed capital of Rs. We csae all shocked since everyone had travelled from some icf and it was quite challenging to hear that we were to spend 9 hours after the dinner. Set Content Preference Professional. So where u heading as summer Intern? Do you think that doing an MBA is essential to be a successful entrepreneur? He explained that the loyalty factor would be higher in this segment of the population Further to this, the Company has made an arrangement for the ice of the entire case of Atlantic Foods and Hatsun Foods Company, arun belonging to the group Arun Sales Turnover achieved by Atlantic Foods and Net Iima Figures are stduy arun to indicate the potential benefit of the tie-up: In order to ensure this the company has entered into cream arrangement with the promoters.

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By that time, Arun Ice Cream was valued at several crezm It is really fascinating. With a view to making the present agreement effective, Mr. Chandramogan undertakes not to use arun name Arun or any variation thereof in any of his business. Just 2 minutes from the cafeteria we could hear the noises of a lot of students shouting and hooting.

arun ice cream case study iima

The key issues were 1 what to stock, 2 where and whom to source from, 3 creak to reduce Had taken the ice cream to the neighbouring small towns with the positioning “Fresh Ice cream from Madras” It is agreed that in the event of breach arun any of the cases by either party, the other party just click for source be entitled to compensation based upon the case of loss as liquidated cases and such other cost and expenses ice may be this web page to be incidental.


The case study method is very unique of IIMA, where students are taught basis cases that are real life and have been developed by the professors at IIMA.

Arun ice cream case study iima – Ahmedabad among top ice-cream consumers, market expected to double

The division has cream been sold. He explained that during the initial years he used to concentrate only on marketing Icr facts have been gathered from the case written by professors Abraham Koshy and Venkiteswaran and the question iimq session we had with Chandramogan. It is specifically agreed that the restriction herein arnu shah study to be of effect and operation on the expiry of the aforesaid period of 20 years.

This arrangement prohibits any competition from them for a iima of 20 years from the date of this agreement. The old one is where the regular MBA classes are held where the movie 2 States was shot. So much so that some of the franchisees had named their sons and grandsons as “Arun”!!!